Defo Not Poetry

Poems remind me of personalised number plates on cars. Some, you have to look at more than once to find their meaning.

Others, they’re like glass; what you see on the other side is clear and simple. On occasion, it’s the reflection that seduces.

Personally, I only imagine writing in three forms of poetry. The first is the Knife. It has to get to the point, stay on point, and then has to make a point!

The second is the Wave. A poem that immerses the reader and carries them away. It is intended to touch something personal, or emotional, with either a positive or negative response. It’s how the reader feels.

Finally, the Scribble. A piece of writing that just comes out and finds it’s way onto paper in words. I don’t know where it comes from, where it’s going, or where it’s been? But once it’s arrived, you can take or leave it.

Poems are a bit like wine. What flows from the bottle won’t be to everyone’s taste. It can be sweet, complex, and laced with aromatic fruits. Or just a glass of piss that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

I leave it to you to decide . . .

Spring & Autumn

An unorthodox way of expressing myself. More mature, and less impetuous. Compositions sprinkled with the wisdom of age; some served with a light dressing of muse, others left to marinate overnight in my cynicism.

That’s all I have to say . . .

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Anthology 1 & 2

A compilation of writings that I’ve reluctantly allowed to see the light of day. The writing is raw and innocent, but these two books began my literary journey. Scrawled in two ledgers when I was young; in a volatile and unstable period of my life. They were then lost and forgotten.

But that’s the strange thing about life. How easily it can be influenced or redirected. Many years later, like some strange codex, I found them hiding in a dusty box. Sometimes I wish they’d stayed there. But without them there would be no AuthorsArk 🙂

I’ve done my best to clean them up (without ruining their naive appeal). I felt the work deserved an audience (that’s you), for better or for worse.

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4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 41 reviews)

Some good, and others not so good. I guess its personal. I like the different use of words. Some thought provoking issues


Watch out for Kris in the future. I think there’s room for genius… seriously. I’m already re-thinking my own poetry.

Cool website too

Kathleen Cauler

This guy rolls in the universal dirt of the inbetween! Stuff I’d not even thought of. Sure there’s some rubbish but most of what I read was meaningful and insightful. He’s also found a place for profanity .. Ouch

Claymore 666

I’m feeling some deep shit from some of what he/she writes (really cool), but also read some shit too. I suppose that’s how it goes with poetry

I too recommend..

Katie Blue

Great fish. I wish I new what some of the verses meant, but not nowing did encourage me to read them again.

I recomend