Hi, welcome to AuthorsArk

This is normally where the author tells you things like… My schooling was exceptionally educational. That my life’s work is woven within the chapters of my books. And how my misspent formative years ooze like Dark Matter from my fingertips across a keyboard.

Well, all of the above is true. But it’s also a lie. I did go to school. My life has influenced my writing. And of course, we all have a past. The AuthorsArk website is a path for my future.

I have a great family and a wonderfully supportive wife. The one gift that I do have, I offer freely on this website.

So, if you haven’t read a good book lately, you’re about to. My work on this website is free to download. All I ask is an honest review. Oh, and if you would forward, recommend, hashtag, ‘AuthorsArk’ until your fingers bleed.

If you want to know more about me, and my literary struggles…