iWorld by Kris Brooker

Conspiracy Thriller
Data streaming from modern satellites has immersed our world in a sea of information. We swim in that sea daily. It is attempting to re-map our brains.
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iWorld by Kris Brooker

Kassandra Krane works for the L.A.P.D. fighting crime with paperwork. What she can’t fight is the terminal cancer diagnosed for her son, Josh.

So when an obscure charity offers the hope of a cure, accepting will cost Kass dearly. They’ll take her son, and make her a fugitive, destroying the life she knew. There will be no going back, and the only way forward is on the wrong side of the Law she’d sworn to uphold.

With a retired assassin and a bi-polar conspiracy cell as her allies, they’ll pit themselves against a rogue faction of the CIA.

A cryptic message left by the group’s leader is the key to discovering the secret. Why American kids are getting cancer, and how it threatens to unleash a global catastrophe.

Start the body count. Kass won’t stop until she gets her son back.

4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 159 reviews)

From the first pages I was hooked. A stranger offers to cure Josh, who could have predicted what comes next? It’s a snowball effect that balloons into a worldwide conspiracy to save her son. Sooo clever how she navigates this book with the baddies trying to kill her. Go go Penguins!!

Ceklina Portsa

Kass is every kids dream parent. She’s intelligent and brave and won’t back down as she comes for her son with all guns blazing. iWorld is a compulsive page-turner, even for a man. I dare one to say otherwise.

Emo Sails

This novel has Angelina Jolie written all over it. Smart twisty thriller with bite and empathy. Covers some ground following a trail of clues in a well thought out conspiracy. New friends bad enemies that light up the pages

Mel T

Read iWorld, the reviews don’t lie. Kass is deadly, lucky, clever and rampant throughout its pages. Her heroism glued together by guts and ingenuity and a slick storyline. Yes I liked it

Jacqueline Godwin

I would be happy if I had bought this book, I’m ecstatic that it was free. Fresh take on a female heroin with no sliky thighs, just a willingness to dig deep and fight for her boy. Solid story with more than a few twists and the help of her new friends the conspiracy Penguins

Colleen Shaw