Thirty by Kris Brooker

Paranormal Crime Mystery
One more child completes the ritual
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Thirty by Kris Brooker

When Jack stops taking his pills he hears voices. He remembers a past he doesn’t recall, and sees the same girl in his dreams.

Chali is young, she’s beautiful. Seducing Jack is the quickest way to unlock his past. Somewhere in Jack’s memory is the key to finding a child-murderer, Jonas, who died forty years before they met. Falling in love was not part of her plan.

Love and obsession will drive Jack towards losing more than his mind, as he wades knee-deep into a small-town’s infamy and shame. He’ll reveal the secrets of the dead, who refuse to stay silent.

The final act of a murderous fantasy is about to get very personal for Jack as he grapples with the mind of a serial killer. To stay alive he must understand, and then make sacrifice, to have any chance of stopping, THIRTY.


One more child completes the ritual

4.4 out of 5 stars (based on 138 reviews)

I’ll keep it short and on point. I didn’t love this book, but not because it isn’t a good fiction. It was like watching a horror film when you’re in the mood for a love story. My bad


To say Thirty has darkness is an understatement. Jack and Chali are great as they try to force the unwilling town-folk to give up their secrets. Secrets that can save a child and exorcise and killer

Janis Bloch

A sinister novel based around a serial killer obscured by the shadows of a small American town’ s secrets. Something twisted and dark has taken place and Jack has been chosen to shed the light. Not bad


Jonas is as dark a character as I’ve read and as each layer is revealed in Thirty Jack just gets deeper and deeper into the black. So engaging as the pressure threatens Jack’s sanity right up till the end

Nina xxx

Goos read, I recommend

Colin Warren