WolfSpawn by Kris Brooker

Historical Conspiracy Thriller
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WolfSpawn by Kris Brooker

January 1945. Waffen-SS seal a secret laboratory below Auschwitz. A weapon to win a war that may take a hundred years to fight is driven away into darkness.

London, present day. Joe is a brilliant young scientist who understands the genome, but not the opposite sex. An impossible mystery involving both is about to reset his life.

Issy is pretty. She’s also a liar and a thief, and about to drag Joe on a journey of self-discovery.

To find a family Issy has never known they’ll walk headfirst into European Nationalism. Unwittingly falling into an ideological plot, that makes them fugitives from Interpol, and targets of a Nazi Cabal.

 What links EU political elites to a pharmaceutical giant buying forgotten SS bunkers, and how does Hitler’s death camp connect to a post war Children’s Foundation?

They’re about to understand the parts they play in an eighty year old conspiracy, and the true legacy of World War Two.

4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 243 reviews)

If you love twists, turns and rollercoaster moments backed up by historical fact then WolfSpawn is for you. It also grapples with immigration and crime in a story that will keep you guessing until the end. Huge respect for how Isla confronts the issues in this book.

X Sheryl P X

WoldSpawn was an OK read for me. Didn’t blow me away or knock me off my feet. It had thrills and tension which kept me engaged. Complex but not complicated. Maybe the wrong timeline for me. Isla made the book worthwhile. A strong female character

Carey Newby

As conspiracies go I thought this was aright decent tale. Wraps in neatly with recent Covid fears as it confronts Isla with her search for a family that dumped her in an orphanage. Careful what you wish for..

Karen Taylor Smith

Isla is an inspirational character as she and Joe unpick a conspiracy that takes them across Europe, to save Europe from a 70 yr old conspiracy embedded in the top echelons of the EU. Fast paced and gutsy from start to finish.

Chris Power

I like historical thrillers and this is a good one. I also have a preference for strong female characters, even is she is a deeply flawed woman. Based around an old SS soldier’s diary that leads Joe and Isla into a decades old & deadly conspiracy surrounding Isla’s lost family.

Ishbel X