Reliquary by Kris Brooker

Dystopian Paranormal Mystery
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Reliquary by Kris Brooker

A theocratic Commission rules. Patron rules absolute. The people believe they are protected by Saints, and that their city alone survived Armageddon.

When a Duma crime-boss tasks Scout to track down a stolen Relic, what he omits to mention is the Commission want it too, and they’ll kill anyone who stands in their way.

Find the thief, find the relic. Find a heretic, Kat, who’s as dangerous as she is beautiful. Scout puts them both in the crosshairs of a state sanctioned assassin. Their survival now depends on finding the relic.

It’s an uneasy alliance, through a black market in forbidden history into an underworld of religious sects, to find they’ve stumbled upon an ancient prophecy, and into a heretical coup.

All sides desire the relic. Understanding it’s purpose will reshape the future of Mankind.

4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 131 reviews)

Hardly a word of disappointment in this a genuinely good read. I recommend Reliquary to the weary navigators of free-book websites that offer much but rarely deliver.

Justin May

Reliquary was a delight to read. From the heart of the city to its boundary into the Forbidden Land beyond. I liked Kat a lot as she and Scout fought the Commission, tangled with Angels and unpicked a great puzzle. Some may not like the ending but I did

Elly James

Dystopian thrillers usually struggle to occupy non stereotyped worlds, but Reliquary manages nicely in the main. Colorful and creative story with Kat and Scout playing a strong if reluctant pairing being hunted by an assasin. Pure escapism to discover the Relic and its meaning

Ashley Kiel

The future is bleak if Reliquary is how it ends. But there is still hope as Kat and Scout try to discover Reliquaries darkest secrets. This story has one foot stuck in the past and a bastard of an Angel named Wyat. What could possibly go wrong?

Tudor Lumar

I found Reliquary a bit juicy with the underlying religous membrane. Might upset some especially at the end. Me, I admit that enjoyed this book, despite it rattling my own beliefs.

Christian James