Diary by Kris Brooker

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Diary by Kris Brooker

I barely recall how small my world was back then. How little I knew about its complexities. Or about what lurked beyond.

All I knew for sure, all that I trusted, was set close about me. Protected by the ones I loved. By a family who cared. But what I had, that I still remember, was all a lie.

The truth began the day the Witch arrived. A woman who spoke the truth of who I am, and what I could become. The same day the Druids began to hunt me, and we ran. Fled across an Empire in search of destiny. To find new friends, and forge powerful alliances, against an enemy more ancient than the stars.

I am Drai; born a Hybrid. Hidden all my life because my past was as dangerous as my future. I was born a Child of the Dreaming. I had gifts that I would nurture, and I would wield! I am Drai, the warrior who raised the shield walls to stop the Dark Star. The Demon Horde who come from the stars.

I am Drai, Destroyer of Worlds.

This is my story . . .

4.3 out of 5 stars (based on 31 reviews)

The chilling side of sorcery and witchyness runs rampant in Diary. Its hard to be original but I think this is a candidate. Is there a sequel? Look 4ward 2 it

Olly North

LOVE the vision and perspective of this book. Unlike anything I’ve read in the bath before.. Pretty cool !

Ricky Gates

Fantasy does not have scifi no matter how clever the plot. Made it through to the end without vomiting

Yarnus Borgi

4* for the roaming landscape and characters. 5* for what is a dark and expansive storyline.


I’m a fan.