Trigger by Kris Brooker

Psychological Crime Thriller
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Trigger by Kris Brooker

Trigger was groomed in the House of the Lord. The coveting of priests, they said, was a reward for his faith. But God sent Jamie, the girl with blood on her hands. She saved them both, and God’s warriors burned in Hell.

Hidden amongst London’s homeless Trigger feels that God has stopped listening. Jamie broke her vow and killed again. Torn between his faith and his affection, Trigger will do anything to protect her.

Sergeant Adams has made the connection. A third body convinces him there’s a serial-killer loose in London, so why won’t his superiors listen?
Adams will risk his job, and his life, to stop a killer preying on London’s homeless.

Three personalities, ever-darkening desires; an endgame they’ll never see coming.

4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 176 reviews)

I’m never going to see London streets quite the same again, especially after dark. I felt for Trigger and that’s what made this book so unputdownable.

Trudy Hames

Trigger is a ride down a slide and was on it till the end. So many corners to turn and life to live in these pages, Didn’t stop until I was flung off the end. Brilliant book.

Brian Shacks

I thought my life sucked until I read this book lol. Triggers escapades run high on the emosh scale as he descends into the lows of London’s homeless. Your not paranoid just because everyone is out to get you, and they are. Great supporting cast. Adams is as relentless as the other coppers are dumb.

Wilma XX

It’s a downward spiral for the main protagonist and everyone else to. This book is free and futile to the end

KingKurt 111

What can I say I love reading about other peoples misery. Trigger wallows in misadventure that threatens to get him and the girl he dotes on killed. And stop asking God for help he doesn’t care. Wouldn’t be surpeised if this was based in fact

Jason Trove