They say with hard Brexit comes increased costs. That the basic cost of living will go up. I suggest it doesn’t have to. It’s been suggested that the cost of food ‘may’ increase in price. The big supermarkets will pass on that burden of cost. “Not our fault,” they’ll say. I say they’re full of shite. Why, you may ask. Let’s take the coupons they give us. “Spend more and we’ll give you £’s off. Get double, treble, points on specific items. 25% off wine if you buy six bottles. We’ve all been victim to their price manipulating to ‘save us money’. Get us to spend more, buy more, and make the shopping trip so much more enjoyable. Well, here’s a thought. How about the supermarkets sell us our food/basics at a cost that removes all of the above time, effort, and cost involved with improving our shopping experience?

Companies have spent decades using formulas and algorithms to change our shopping habits and make us eat more, to increase their profit margin (to increase sugar and fat contents exponentially and encourage obesity, but that’s another Rant). The government is just as bad. Take the long suffering car driver who endures 60-70% TAX added to every litre of fuel. Then pays TAX to put his car on the road. Drive on the roads near me and I’m damn sure the government isn’t spending my tax-bucks to improve the roads where I live.

VAT…. where’s the value in the added tax?! 20% on near everything we buy in the UK Food, clothing, Shit, a cup of coffee from Starbucks has reached a whopping £3.. How do people afford to live? That’s right, they can’t. So many things that could be removed, or just reduced, that would ease the cost of living for everyone, and not just a certain group, minority, or section of society.

I don’t know shit, but I think I just saved everyone a small fortune with a couple of obvious observations.