Democracy has been bastardised by the very people it serves. A tribal rationale now takes the Republican cause down a Nationalist path. Led by a President whose mantra is, “Make America Great”. But as great as what, the man who says it? Wow, that would bring catastrophe upon us all.

 Some think of Trump as a Patriot, but that would mean he was fighting for his country. The whole country. No matter it’s people’s colour or religion. No, he’s prided himself on being a Nationalist, and knows well the connotations that word has evolved to mean. 

 Some think Trump’s a genius, a demigod with a strategy. But that’s not true. He’s just a man, whose father lavished him with cash, so has no concept of it’s worth. Indeed, all that glitters isn’t gold, not for Trump. His own name shines brighter than the Bat signal above Gotham, and like the Dark Knight he was born with a personality that craves a fight. 

 But Trump doesn’t know why? A simple urge for adversity has evolved to be a raging disposition always spoiling for a fight. The sad truth is it works for him, and Trump considers it a gift. 

 So, how to fight back against a man with no intention to pay attention. Who doubles down like a hand of Snap. Who has all the directional focus of a lighthouse lamp. 

 Where to move the troops when the battleground keeps shifting? How to parley with a man who belches lies? He’s created his own brand of Lightning War. A campaign that’s been voted away from the soirée, glitz, and reality based boardroom, into the hearts and minds of billions of people who are real. There will be casualties when this war is done!

They say that Trump is the ‘great Dealmaker’? Hardly, he only likes to deal one-on-one. A bilateral thinker, because the alternative means that others might unite, and oppose. It’s classic divide and conquer, from a man who’s always been at war. Because his sensitive personality will never allow his own guns to fall silent. 

 Trump, the Great Orator, fell like Gulliver into a fantasy land, called Twitter. He became the King Troll, from Queens. The Punisher with no need to face his enemies. He just shoots from the executive pulpit in a 360 degree arc. 


Trump, is the man who put the I into Q, and then told us all how big it was. Who speaks with the temperament and voice of a child, as he spits and spites at everyone. Even at those who think they love him, who are at his side with the hope of correcting all the mistakes that Trump has never made.

Trump is a man who lives in darkness. Why? Because he cannot bear to share the light. The limelight. Not unless he is the one who shines the torch. And it’s a narrow beam. Only viewed by those of us who are lonely, or mad, or possibly both. And it’s a lens that now funnels the focus of DonaldJTrump, the White House, and all of Social Media. The demigod has acquired a spotlight, that burns! And Trump likes things to burn. His rhetoric is all the accelerant he’ll ever need, and its supply is seemingly infinite. He’s a Disruptor, a Berserker, and an Incendiary. There’s no Great Plan, no genius mind at work. Just a confused and hateful intellect that hungers for chaos. Why? Because it brings energy to his cause. It’s what feeds the beast. And DonaldJTrump has a ravenous appetite.