Most American kids have posters above their beds, of dream cars, beautiful women, and the American flag. The ‘Pin-up’ boy above President Trump’s bedstead was, and still is, President Putin. 

 Trump craves for the Kremlin Model to be applied in Washington DC. The unwavering personal loyalty from his DOJ, the FBI, and every other department head. Absolute loyalty to Trump, before their country, the American People, and the Constitution. 

 When Trump goes ‘over the top’ into battle, it’s with his twitter as a Herald. He wants his followers to carry his flag, whilst being strafed by enemy and friendly fire alike. 

 Trump wants his Base to take the enemy bunker despite their appalling losses from wounded and dead. And when the deed is done, Trump demands that his cronies serve up the spoils whilst cowered before him on bended knee.

 To all those who have fallen in the service of Trump, I say . . . You should have flown the flag for your People, and for your Constitution. Now your corpse lies forgotten in the Social Media Abyss. 

 Has anyone noticed that since Trump came to power; since he pulled out of the Paris agreement, that the US has been under siege? Not just from the Free Press, and normal Human Beings. But from the record breaking hurricanes in the South. Unprecedented fires in the West. The worst winter storms in the East in decades. Mother Nature is also warning the American people? 

Trump’s Grand Deal for the world is devision. To split, divide, and antagonise America’s allies and enemies alike. 

 He’s the architect of a Global Rift that could set the world back a hundred years, or more. He weaves his wand to create a vacuum of leadership in which the rest begin to squabble. We saw it before, in 1914, and again in 1939.

Trump is the ‘Prince of Praise’. No decision made before the willing, wind up his windmill of adulation. Until they stoke his fire with the flames of flattery and flannel. 

 Only silence can follow if the faithful tiptoe towards the herald of Trump’s Twitter. 

 The most powerful man in the world is floating on a rock-bed of insecurity and ignorance. A base with which he can only bludgeon the non-believers. Swinging his Troll-like Twittering tongue from whichever direction the favourable thermals blow.   

Trump is trying to export his vision of America to the rest of the world. And a portion of the American people are willing to let him do so. With the forlorn hope that he is right. With fingers crossed that his promises are really made of gold.

 But, unfortunately, there’s a fundamental flaw in their reasoning. They don’t yet realise that Trump, is for Trump, is for Trump. To DonaldJTrump the only thing that matters are the optics. That the headlines are written in his favour. That they glorify his name, because that’s really all he has. The details he overlooks are of no importance. He’ll never consider the consequences of his actions. How it will affect the ‘little people’. The poor people who he despises. 

 Trump will sacrifice his friends, his allies, and even his family, to be perceived as the greatest. But only ‘ALI’ was the greatest.


So we thank the Founding Fathers for the Free Press; the only institution who’ve pushed back against the Trumpian-tide. And now that the rest of world comprehends what makes tick in Trump’s tock. His opponents are able to reveal his secrets. Make apparent the farcical nature of the man and his hair. Very soon he will be made to stand alone. Because the ‘little people’ he’s made so many promises to, will finally get to see behind the Mighty-Deal-Maker’s-Masque. They’ll discover that his promises to them are as hollow as his deals. 

God bless America, and God bless the American people. We can only hope that they both come to their senses before Trump sells their country, for a loss.