The Eu is a giant Welfare State. It’s the free flow of the Euro from its richer countries, to prop up the poorer members who can’t afford not to join. The financial incentives are hard to deny. 

 In return the size of the European Union grows, as does its place, and punch, in the world. A lesson well learnt from the Master manipulators, the Americans, who vaccinated the western world against oppression with their Dollar Bill. Something green, that flows more like an opiate than a medicine these days. How Europe would love the Euro to flow faster than the US dollar.

But, what happens to the European Union if we see the implausible rise of the anti-hero? The likes of Adolf Hitler, or maybe Donald Trump? Or any of the other unlikely candidates been swept into power throughout our history. Political fools and nobodies, or so their peers considered them at the outset.

 What if, Europe finds a person who’s political iron will rivals a politician like, Margaret Thatcher? Who has the diplomatic savvy of a man like, Henry Kissinger. The magnetic personality of a handsome young politician like, say, John F Kennedy. And more importantly, perhaps, has the silky tone of a honey dripped voice that promises us all we can eat. Now throw in an economic and political landscape that’s ripe for the anti-hero to be heard. 

  Can’t happen? 

Maybe in a fool’s version of Utopia. 

 The world rotates within rhythmic cycles of hardship. Chewing on recession and war as though it were a dietary requirement. Which makes the likelihood of such a politician achieving political power within the EU, more likely than not. 

 I’d say our anti-hero becoming President of the European Council in the future, is an odds-on favourite. And if others in the EU’s Parliament decide to follow, its fortress bureaucracy will stumble into line. 

 What then? 

The EU Council becomes powerful enough to deal directly with its individual member states, that’s what. Why? Because it’s the EU Council who sets the policies. Who proposes all Europe’s new legislation . . . Who opens the cookie jar, and offers members, new and old, their financial comfort? It’s the European Council that makes the day to day decisions within the European Union. They’re the worker bees who keep the EU machine ticking along. Their hands are dipped in honey, so how long before our anti-hero decides to offer deals that best suit their own agenda? Or their version of what best suits us?

 How easy it would be to surreptitiously play one European government against another. It only takes one Member’s vote of dissension to stop the great wheel from turning. So, (just like the CIA), if one or more members decide the benefits received are more seductive than the rules of the club they’ve joined, a clever person, with an irresistible tone, need only hand out enough lollies, to become greater than the enterprise they serve. 

Sound familiar?  

It should do. It’s happened with monotonous repetition  throughout Humanity’s existence. If the governments of Europe lose favour with their people (no way that could happen, right?), those people would vote in an EU Parliament that viewed the world in the same way as our anti-hero; who promises to save them. No democratic institution is immune from the naivety of the voters it serves.

The EU as a concept is a wonderful idea. 

In practice, we shall see. 

Historically, when did so many people being lorded over by so few, ever work out for the greater good? Power corrupts, and absolute power is loitering at the heart of Europe. Waiting for the right person, or faction, to rotate our gullibility through, or into, another rhythmic cycle of hardship.