We’ve evolved. Taken evolution to the next level. Or is it another level? (Well, that’s another question). We’ve stopped being driven by Nature’s diversity, and unpredictability, a long time ago. We don’t compete to survive anymore. Our fight for life has become a fight for supremacy. The global stakes rising with each new generation of our species. 

 Oh, there’s a time-out now and then to let the ‘Ring Girl’ strut her stuff. All eyes watching through the ropes as she circles the canvas. A short skirt and a winsome smile. The avant-guard sat ring-side with their smug little smirks. Content that being civilised is happening somewhere else. Bloated with contentment at how far they’ve come, but how little they’ve learnt. It’s a brief pause to catch their breath, as the bitch with the board pulls a 9mil from her panties. Ding ding goes the bell, and the next round begins.  

 We’re convinced that we’ve left the Natural scale. Taken a side-step away of Nature because we think we can do it better. We’re a revolution in social programming; we’ve become ‘being civilised’. Why roll about in the mud when you can wade knee-deep into Social Decadence? Our capacity to consume has gone off the scale.

 Procreation; our ultimate survival. A social dalliance, and a commodity for sale.

 Evolution; is what we decide. Big guns to hurry the process through customs.

 Sustenance; for fuel. And being slaughtered on an industrial scale.

 Time Out; as we ascend to our new and virtual world. 

Each PEST requires a daily jack of endorphins, and Humanity requires the biggest fix of all. Being civilised is only possible until the supply runs out.

 We want harmony. But sponsor disruption.

 We desire “peace above all things”. And use war to justify the concept.

 We’re like the fat kid whose flicked off the switch in his head that tells him he’s ‘FULL’. 

 It’s the reason our species worships the unknown. It’s the only way to justify never being full. We need more, because we can’t handle what we’ve got. Desire outweighs our need, until the need is what fuels our desire.

 Getting high on adrenaline gave us, fight or flight. A monumental spike. Coming down was hard. So we indulged our endorphins and hung out. Got strung out, as we saw things a little different. The first word in our vocabulary, Why? And a new social programme took hold. It helped us to stand up, step aside, and look down on all we survey. 

 So yeah, we’ve evolved. But like all junkies we need a fix, and our appetite is ravenous. It’s still the survival of the fittest. Now we’re trying to decide, who’s fit to survive.