The problems in the world today stem disproportionately from the western industrial revolution. A quantum leap in technology that only served to advance a small community of the population; whose best use of this gift was to colonise those who lived beneath roofs made of thatch and stone.

Half of those left un-industrialised have yet to catch up. Their world still a medieval glass house. Their lives being programmed by religious and tribal dogma. Still being ruled by a social Elite.

What remains is a pseudo-society that’s caught somewhere in-between these two unequal societies. Hiding behind a modern veneer. Their prosperity based on the anaerobic decomposition of dead and buried organisms. Fossil energies have bought them their entry into our modern world. Countries that float on absurd prosperity, being ruled by a few who find it impossible to share. It’s proving a struggle for many societies to readjust. By the time they do, the well may be sucked dry.

Old habits die hard, right? And for some they may never pass. Why would they want it to? Much of the world’s wealth is still defended by ‘right of birth’. Jealously guarded by an iron fist. Or being funnelled into budgets to fund better ways to kill.

The fact is, a large percentage of our world wasn’t lucky enough to grow up within the Industrial Revolution; they were the victims of it.

The vast majority have now missed out on the Silicon Revolution. Despite efforts to jump-start, expedite, or push themselves off the edge to catch up, many will never make it. Their ‘right of birth’ is to miss out. To watch the world revolve, with revolutions that pass them by. Never to know what a ‘modern world’ truly is, and how it is capable of improving their lives.

Go ask the 1% of our world’s population, who now own half the planet’s wealth, how good the modern world feels to live in?

Then ask them if they have a place in it for you; for your family, or for your friends?

The Forgotten Population of this world will never receive their rightful percentage of its wealth. Whilst the richest 1% may never understand it’s true value.