I don’t think we came blame DonaldJTrump for the chaos that has ensued from his Presidency. Trump, is just being Trump. He’s the same Trump that he’s always been. America knew who that man was before they elected him President. 

 Accountability for the election lies solely with the college electoral. Any nation that can vote into office a President whom the majority had voted against, is unbalanced, and unrepresentative of its people. And it will be the people’s responsibility to right that wrong. 

 But the real blame for America’s spectacular collapse on the world stage lies with Republican Party officials. Elected politicians who have put Tribal concerns above their sworn duty to honour the Constitution, the American people, and their Flag. Men and women who have come to value re-election above honour and duty. 

 Mitch Mcconnell, and an expanding band of Republicans who worry about their re-election have allowed the Presidency of the United States of America to became a global joke. An office that cannot be trusted.

 The Republicans are the reason America’s reputation is in free-fall around the globe. It’s the Republican Party’s support that allows Trump’s behaviour to go unchecked. To a man and woman they rejected Trump and his ideology, during the election campaign. They now vehemently defend the President who . . .

Openly incites racism, misogyny, and hatred from the White House pulpit. 

 A President who attacks the Free-Press as the “enemy of the people”.

 Who lies to the American people with the rapidity of a gatling-gun. 

 He’s a President who calls ‘friend’ any dictator or adversary who flatters his ego.

 And perhaps worse still. DonaldJTrump is the President who openly supported an alleged peadophile to take a Senate seat, rather than have that seat turn ‘Blue.’ 

 He’s a President who demands that all his subjects kiss his Presidential ring. As disgusting as that sounds, it seems more and more Republican officials are prepared to abase themselves to do so.

This is a Republican Party that will ram-raid a Judge with a “lack of judicial temperament”, into a Supreme Court seat, just to tilt the judiciary scales towards the dark-side.

The Nationalist Republicans want to project strength through economic muscle, and aggressive rhetoric. They’ve weaponised tariffs and aimed them at their allies and friends. America, the hub of democracy, decency, and decadence, accuses the Western Alliance of “leaving them out of pocket”. 

 Do I need to remind Trump, and all the Republicans on Capitol Hill, that it was America’s choice to assemble the Avengers, whilst assuming their own role as Captain America. 

 For seven decades the Western Alliance, through NATO and the UN, has supported the USA. They’ve shared the same foxhole in their ideological campaigns against Communism, Terrorism, and the Islamic State. 

 The facts are, that America started the Club. They have Chaired the Club. They have acted as Treasurer, and Secretary of the Club. Now they want to change the rules of the Club, that they themselves wrote, to better themselves, to the detriment of all other members. And they have the gall to blame everyone else in the Club for “taking advantage”.  

If Trump crumples the Western Alliance, Putin will lick his lips. China will be emboldened, more than it already is. The truth is, the world needs America to be its moral compass. But it has elected a President without any morals.  

 America is the backbone in a fight against tyranny. They need the Western Alliance as much as the WA needs them. We’re a team. And if history has taught us anything, it’s that there will always be another Adolf Hitler. That Stalin is a stereotype. And Vladimir Putin is the pin-up boy of the many dictators yet to come in a world that is rapidly filling with ones and zeros.

 The Western Alliance is important to us all. Organisations like NATO and the United Nations help provide checks and balances to the constant chaos. They are, if nothing else, a regular health check on our world. The Republicans are fools to think they can “Make America Great” by adopting Trump’s well tried, but often failed, stratagems based on thuggery. Governments around the world and their international bodies aren’t in it for the money. Attacking your friends and allies to get your own way will eventually lead them to turn their backs. Isolationism for America can only sell its people short. 

 When the Trump Presidency is over, DonaldJTrump will walk away. There’s a high probability that, as he’s done with business deals in the past, he’ll file for another bankruptcy. Then slip back into his comfortable ‘reality based’ lifestyle. Because if there’s one thing that Trump has proved beyond any reasonable doubt over the years, he  doesn’t lose sleep over the lives that he ruins.