When a species’ social integration competes directly with its base nature. The genes will-out. The social experiment will end, and violence will pursue. Then Mother Nature will put us back in our box.

 Human nature is only civilised when the unnatural art of being civil is well watered and fed. Our base instincts always linger in the shadows. Nature’s programming that still keeps us wary. That encourages us to hunt and feed. That weaponises the process to succeed when provisions are scarce. And encourages the predation of others not scented by our own genes. 

 Civilisation is an illusion. A fantasy stitched together with a golden thread. Our need for greed. To acquire all we can papers over our natural instinct towards self-destruction. It’s true, “There can be only one.” But when it benefits us we are willing to share; if what we receive, amounts to more than we have. It’s a Faustian bargain that can never be kept, and will always be broken. Why? Because Nature has no need of peace. Why? Because Nature has never been at war. Only Humans, who invented Humanity, have ever been at war. A violent struggle with, and within themselves. Singular, and plural. A social experiment that’s doomed to fail. Why? Because Utopia has a fundamental flaw. The Humanity of the Humans who try to hold it together.