Science has cheated us out of Wonder. It has circumvented Awe, and replaced miracles with complex algorithms our primate brains prefer to accept, rather than challenge.

Our world is getting smaller. Each one of us unable to look much further than the Fairytale in which we increasingly base our lives. 

 The letter ‘i’ has separated us from the natural order. Supposedly elevated us to the Clouds. Got us caught in a Web of shadows more prickly than the Fifty Shades of Grey. A place where the vibrance of colour has become virtual(ly) meaningless.

 We walk besides Nature, but look down upon all she creates. Why? Because we’re always looking the other way. Turning the other cheek. Unable to stare anywhere other than up, up, and away. How else can we keep ourselves blind to what we don’t to see. 

 We’ve unplugged ourselves from Nature. Desensitised ourselves to its demise. The frantic screams of our eco-system falls on deaf ears. We’ve turned our backs on the world because it no longer injects a thrill. We’re tuned in, turned on, but totally devoid of the wonder and awe. Our umbilical to what’s real has been cut away and replaced with a HUB.

 “Get your head out of the Clouds”, has never been so appropriate. We’ve zip-filed reality into zeros and ones. Packed it neatly into a basket we can hold in one hand. 

 We’ve virtualised our interests, our observations, and our communication. We’ve put the i into Artificial Intelligence, and moved ourselves into a Cloud that doesn’t exist. Life is moving away from the corporeal world into an existential existence. One that may, or may not exist. We’ll soon find out. Because we’re plugged in and polarised. For better or for worse, for richer for poorer; till death us do part. But in doing so we’re creating a paradox. 

 In life the only way to unplug ourselves, is to die. 

 De-ascension from the Clouds is going to bring rain.