To know the face of God, is to know madness. Or is it madness to think you know God? To believe He is almighty and present?
To have faith in the divine is to offer yourself, body and soul, on the off-chance that God is up there watching, listening, and taking notes.
Faith says His spirit is within us. That He comforts and He teaches us. Does all that make Him complicit in our behaviour too?
I think not.
The One-God walks a fine line, even for Him. He’s not the type of divinity who gets involved. Why? Because that would require proof of His existence.
Acceptance, or rejection. To accept Him is to believe in someone more divine than ourselves. To deny Him, we avoid the disappointment that He’s just a fictional character in a biblical fairytale. Or is the truth really written on the Bible’s pages?
Truth scripted by mortals who, at best, told tales that gave comfort in the harshness of reality. Scriptures written to explain the unknown vs scripture of how it was, still is, and will be for the foreseeable.
At worst, He’s a fanciful tale been bastardised by history. Many histories, retold in many forms. Harnessed and corrupted by Team Religion. Practised by Faithless people who say you can only praise God through them. Men, and women, who say they speak, or interpret, the words of God. So therefore they must be praised, elevated, and looked up to because they know more, and therefore know best. Those who crow like roosters, but lay like Hens. Who weaponise God’s words in a spear of atrocity. Happy to sacrifice others in the service of their God.
So shouldn’t God speak out against such violations? Oh, no, wait, the One-God works in mysterious ways.
He’s not the type of divinity who gets involved. Why? Because that would require proof of His existence. Unlike Pagan Gods He doesn’t help the crops grow. He won’t intervene in wars (unless you’re on the winning side). He sits back and allows disease to decimate Believers and Non-Believers alike. He won’t lift a finger to stop His children, from preying on children.

So I guess that’s all faith is. Never really wanting to know, and being too frightened to ask why? To believe, unreservedly, and for no other reason, than it is better than the alternative: We really are all on our own.

God offers His hand, but conceals His image. And no-one can know either until they stand in His presence. You have to die to truly find God, if God actually exists. Death is the only road to His kingdom. Being dead, they say, is the only way you find paradise. Isn’t that convenient?
God demands Faith, but refuses to share anything that might prove His presence. Or did we miss our chance way back when? Did we crucify the one and only sign He sent us? Did we nail our own hands to the Cross, and not His with that display of violence. We chose ego and greed above love and faith. Our true nature put on display for the ALL-POWERFUL to see. What message did that send?
Christ-all-Mighty, if I’d sent my son and watched them nail Him to a cross? You’d all be fucked right now!

Proof beyond any doubt that God should avoid having offspring.

So, if Homo was indeed given a spark of divinity, it has left us paranoid, greedy, and dare-I-say, borderline schizophrenic. Living in a universal playground where anything is possible, but there-in lies our problem.
Imagination is our limitation, and the only hinderance to our progress. It’s the cap on our ability to grow. Because we struggle to imagine anything more divine than ourselves. It’s what divides us, and it’s what occasionally brings us together. 
 We’re an animal that gorges its meal, in fear that it may be our last. We can only see in the light, so we project our innermost-fears to fill the darkness. We see the universe as a wondrous and awesome place, RIPE for exploitation. Just like the Earth on which we live.
We’re too much like Him, but with the growing pains. The only plan He has for us, is He has no plan for us. Or, He put us here to rediscover His own pain? It’s difficult to be impartial through a monocle of immortality and divinity.
God breathed life into Subject Zero, and then set it adrift. Complete abdication of authority; blowing caution to the gravitational winds. He gave the universe independence from His will. God closed His eyes, then took His hands off the wheel. Left us flying blind. Surely He left some instruction?
Why would He? God understands that life must grow independently. That seeding in the dark will encourage wisdom to flower in the light. He sowed the night with stars so we could navigate our way. Life left to walk independent of His will. So it could find meaning.
God understood that to do otherwise would be self-serving. Akin to playing Himself at chess. He’d have to cheat to win, and that’s the point. Omnipotence gets served with a sociopathic spoon. Knowing all, means you know nothing at all. It’s a paradoxical impasse.

So, if He really is up there, maybe He’s learning about Himself? Figuring out what went wrong, so He can put the universe right. Because the project is flawed. The universe is in full-bloom, but careering out of control. Lost within its boundaries and coming apart at the seams. But He has to let it play out, or it’s just another cheat.
So those who think they know the word of God. Who use His words, as if they were their own. Those who attest, provoke, and justify His meaning. Who lie, cheat, and go to war in His name. Have created a world that no parent would ever want for their children.
God, in His omnipotence, has let us run riot. He’s not going to cheat, to win. But He’s also wise. He knows where immortality can lead, so He left us a gift that only a loving parent could. A second chance. The best of who we are passed on to a new generation. Children of our own to love and care for. Who come pure of thought and free of corruption . . . How’s that working out for us?

A child needs a family’s love. A family needs a home with a community who care. An autarchic world where autocracy has no place. Where faith is placed in each other, and not so much in divinity. Because we don’t have the words to express the thoughts a God might want to hear. Put simply . . .
Only God knows meaning.
Only God knows truth.
Only God, knows God.
The others are lying to you.